Tuesday, October 6, 2009

day 16. RUN THIS TOWN?!

today i wanted to post great work out songs and their corresponding videos.

i'm loving 'run this town' by jayz feat. kanye west and rihanna great song to work out to. they played it in spynga class today and it was transcendent. i pushed hard.

BUT do not dissect song or the lyrics. add the post apocalyptic video complete with garter belts, torches and and broken down bmw's and it's enough to not only make you wanna run out of town but to fall off the grid completely.

don't get me wrong everyone looks 'cool'. the guys look tough. rihanna is beautiful and very sexy. i'm just not sure what exactly it is that they would be running? and why do they have bullets strung around their necks and wrapped around theirs hips?

strings of bullets are always used for bad things. seriously. and i think the last thing that jay-z's fans from compton to the congo need to see is "hov" with bullets strapped around his neck. these images give tools to bad people to teach kids to do bad things too.

maybe a new image of 'running a town'. building a well, maybe a school? providing health care? just a thought. i think that you can look very tough and sexy doing all of the above.

(i searched for images of rappers building homes or wells...i found none. i'm sure they exist...i hope they exist. i just couldn't find any. i guess i will have to make that happen. more. a lot more.)

um ya. that's about as far as i got with my list of workout songs.

love you


Isabel said...

I haven't seen this video yet and now I don't want to. I totally agree with your post. I hope this message makes it to the creators of this video somehow.

Susan Adsett said...

M.I.A painting a playground in Liberia: http://www.4real.com/tv/details.asp?pageid=13

Jay-Z campaigns for Water for Life: http://www.prohiphop.com/2006/11/jayzs_kingdom_c.html

(hope that helps!)